Tackle your New Year holiday debt

The party has been over for a few weeks, the last of the Christmas decorations are safely stored away for another year and January, with its long winter evenings slowly slips away.

But, there is a sting in the tail in the form of lingering debt left over from the Christmas spending splurge.

Fraud protection this Christmas with St. Joe's

Modern technology has meant that buying goods and paying for services has become a whole lot faster.

You just have to look at what your mobile phone has evolved into. It has become a shop, a self-service checkout and even a payment terminal.

Christmas Money Tips

With Christmas day just under 1 month away, now is the ideal time to take a good look over how much you plan to spend and who you plan to spend your money on.That way, you can be prepared to keep everybody happy and your money situation in tip-top shape.

Here in Ireland, families are reported to spend a whopping €1,500 (some estimate the figure to be much higher) on Christmas presents, food, events and travel.