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Car Draw Winners January 2018

Car Draw & Cash Winners January 2018

Today, we held the first of our 2018 Car & Cash Draws at our Dublin Airport branch. The lucky winners are as follows:

Hyundai i40 - Mr. Martin Dermody - Ennis

€4,000 CASH - Mr. David Ryan - Forest Road

€3,000 CASH - Mr. Anthony Byrne - Drimnagh

Tackle your New Year holiday debt

The party has been over for a few weeks, the last of the Christmas decorations are safely stored away for another year and January, with its long winter evenings slowly slips away.

But, there is a sting in the tail in the form of lingering debt left over from the Christmas spending splurge.

Recycling your Christmas Trees 2018

With the arrival of 2018, there are just a few more days left in the official Christmas season. This means decorations are about to be taken down and stored away for another year and the poor old Christmas tree, well, it gets the big heave-ho. For members of St. Joseph's Irish Airports & Aviation Credit Union Limited, the question of recycling their Christmas tree arises and the good news is there are facilities where they can recycle their trees.