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With just €1,000 in credit union savings, how Peter got a €30,000 car loan

The St. Joseph's difference

Peter had a credit union account at St. Joseph’s for years. In fact, it was his granny that had first opened the account for him for his confirmation. But in recent years, Peter was busy with work, travel and starting a family. He didn’t visit the credit union very often.

With the economy improving and Peter feeling a little more positive about the future, he was on the lookout for a car, a really nice car.

New Website Launched

Edel Bourke, CEO St. Joseph's Irish Airports & Aviation Credit Union

Hi, and welcome to our new website.

We understand that our members visit us online using many different devices these days; desktop PC, tablet and of course, mobile. And it was for this reason we selected the style of website design you see now.

Call to Join the Board of Directors

Dear Members,

A casual vacancy has now arisen on the board of directors and we are inviting applications from the membership to fill this role. We welcome applicants with a genuine interest in the business of the credit union. If you would like further information, please contact the credit union at